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Angel Aug 29, 2018 563 views

I want to be a pediatrician. What should my route be to achieve my dream?

#pediatrician #professional #professionals #career-paths #any

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Adrian Nov 04, 2021 406 views

How do you pay taxes?

# #financial-planning

David’s Avatar
David Sep 01, 2017 438 views

Do rural hospitals still help with student loans?

Looking at becoming a trauma doctor and was wondering if I work at a rural hospital do they help with paying off student loans. #erdoctor; #ruralhospital; #studentloan #financial-planning #hospital-and-health-care #medicine

Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Nov 14, 2019 407 views

how would i become a dnr officer

i like agriculture

Mason’s Avatar
Mason Feb 09, 2016 786 views

what are some good ways to start getting money for saving up for a car?

Hi my name is Mason and I am a 6th grader and I want to know how to start making good money and fast for saving up for a car? #general #hunting #fishing #car

David’s Avatar
David Apr 21, 2020 3470 views

How has COVID-19 impacted your career as an accountant?

#accountant #accounting #business #finance

Jenny’s Avatar
Jenny Jul 31, 2020 619 views

Do I need a license to work in the Insurance field?

I am currently in my second-year of post-secondary in the insurance field. However, I am not too sure if I need some sort of license after I graduate or if a bachelor's degree is good enough. In addition, if I do need a license, can I just do the license while I am still in school? Or do I have...

Karen’s Avatar
Karen May 16, 2018 2097 views

What is a 401K and should I apply for one in my first job?

As I prepare to go into my career, I know insurances and benefits are a huge part of accepting a job. I have never really understood what a 401K is and if I need to apply for it! #401k #insurance #interviews #job-applications

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Apr 11, 2018 396 views

Should I attend a private school such as Baylor University instead of a public school even though it is more expensive?

I know #Baylor is a better school for my career goals in the #medical-field than a public school, however it is very #expensive and I don't know if I should take the chance and take out student loans to get ahead, or stick with a school that is alright and save money.

Paige’s Avatar
Paige Oct 29, 2018 660 views

When I apply to FAFSA, am I automatically considered for grants and loans?

#college #student-loans #financial-aid

Logan’s Avatar
Logan Oct 23, 2018 482 views

Do you get residency in the state you go to college in after one year?

I want to go out of state for college, but it is really expensive. How long does it take to get residency and that will make my tuition costs in-state right. #college #expensive

Paige’s Avatar
Paige Jul 10, 2018 1273 views

What tips do you have for creating a monthly budget to keep track of expenses in college?

For instance, how would you organize a budget and what information would you include to make sure that you are on track and budgeting income and college expenses effectively? #finance #budgeting #tips

Jannel’s Avatar
Jannel Feb 20, 2019 330 views

How long did it take for you to advance in your salary as a registered nurse?

#nurse #nursing #financial-planning #registered-nurses