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Should I attend a private school such as Baylor University instead of a public school even though it is more expensive?

I know #baylor is a better school for my career goals in the #medical-field than a public school, however it is very #expensive and I don't know if I should take the chance and take out student loans to get ahead, or stick with a school that is alright and save money.

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Kim’s Answer


I'll let the medical professionals weigh in with a specific answer. I just wanted to relate a story, maybe applicable, maybe not.

I had filed a lawsuit, and we had to go to mediation. I was looking on-line at some of the mediators, and had my eye on a few. My attorney did not like them, and wanted to go with an expensive one. I questioned him, as, mediation was not likely to be successful, so, why waste the money? He said that in lawsuits, when you want to send a message to the other side that you won't settle for a small settlement, you spend the money on an expensive mediator.

If the same is true for your situation, spending the money on school would show that you are confident you WILL be successful, no doubt about it. Is this necessary? I don't know! I would think you could do a year and a half at a junior or public college, but I really have no idea. Just wanted to throw that out there to think about!

Best of luck!