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I want to be a pediatrician. What should my route be to achieve my dream?

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Sheila’s Answer

Hello Angel:

My son recently graduated from medical school May 2018 and is now a Resident Pediatrician. Here are the steps he took:

1) High scores on SAT & ACT

2) Select a college/university that offers at least "Biological Science" (you don't have to major in Pre-Med) 

3) Score well on MCAT "first time"

4) Apply to "all" the Med Schools you are interested in

5) 4 yrs Med School

5 a) Find an Internship (paid or volunteer) over a summer

5 b) DO NOT limit yourself to where you would like to get Matched

6) 3 - 4 yrs Residency

6 a) Fellowship (specialize) is 3 - 4 yrs

Good Luck to You!