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Career Questions tagged Car

Kristina G.’s Avatar
Kristina G. Feb 25 209 views

What is it like to double major?

Hi, i'm thinking about double majoring in college because i'm not sure what career I want to go into. What is it like to double major? Is it a good idea? career car career-options career-choice...


Ilicia G.’s Avatar
Ilicia G. Mar 16, 2020 264 views

What are your main responsibilities as a classic car restorist?

I am a 21 year-old female interested in becoming a classic car restorist. automotive body mechanic...


brady F.’s Avatar
brady F. Nov 20, 2019 178 views

what is the hardest thing about fixing a motor

I like fixing things and getting my hands dirty. What are some suggestions for rebuilding things like cars. car...


Taylor B.’s Avatar
Taylor B. May 31, 2018 409 views

As a car designer, do you have time to pursue other art fields like animation?

Or any other form of arts, including the fine arts such as vocal performance. organization mechanical car design...


Cody C.’s Avatar
Cody C. Apr 03, 2018 249 views

Do I need a car in college?

I have a bike, my college provides free busing, and most of the time, I'll be staying in the area. That being said, do I still need a car? car college...


Isaiah H.’s Avatar
Isaiah H. Jan 24, 2018 445 views

What is the optimal college-student vehicle?

I know that fuel efficiency is important since travelling home will be a frequent task, cheap maintenance is probably a plus; but what car would you suggest to a college student that simply wants a good car that will take him from point A to point B while in college without having to spend to...

travel efficiency car

Mylik B.’s Avatar
Mylik B. May 26, 2016 654 views

What specific field should I go into if I eventually want to branch off on my own and start to design my own car engines?

After college I plan to gain experience hopefully by, working side by side with today's top performance car designers. Once I soak up any information they can give me, I want to branch off and design my own performance car parts. engineer mechanical designers...


Mason H.’s Avatar
Mason H. Feb 09, 2016 678 views

what are some good ways to start getting money for saving up for a car?

Hi my name is Mason and I am a 6th grader and I want to know how to start making good money and fast for saving up for a car? general hunting fishing...


Willy S.’s Avatar
Willy S. May 23, 2015 916 views

How to become a car designer in USA

I mean I'm from Taiwan but I don't have enough money to study abroad, so can anyone tell me how to be a car designer even though my nationality are Taiwan(ROC).By the way,I'm really interested in car and always feel excited about things realated to cars, can anyone support my dream, or tell me...

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