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I am currently in community college. What are some ways to gain acquaintances or be more open to new people?

Asked Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Alyssa’s Answer


Hey! Congrats on entering a whole new world! When I was attending community college, there were a few things I did to make new friends. I joined the newsletter club. From the newsletter club, I found out about a weekly meet-up at a local coffee shop to talk about politics and such. It was super casual but very fun to be a part of.

Long story short, try to get yourself involved as much as possible, even if it's a group or school club you think you might not enjoy very much, it's worth going to a meeting-or-two to see if it's a good fit for you. At the very least, you'll see some new faces.

Some other things I did to meet new people:

1) Got involved with the events at my housing community.

2) Went to just about every single event happening at my campus.

3) Was proactive with hanging out with roommates and going to any events they invited me to.

4) Stopped by a few free salsa classes.

Get involved. Check out what's happening at your school. Push your self outside your comfort zone. This is a great question! I know I personally struggled with meeting people when I first started college, especially as an introvert. But after I made an effort to get involved, that's when I started to create really great friendships.

Best of luck!

Janell’s Answer

Updated Berkeley, California

I myself attended community college and found it very hard to make meaningful relationships. I would suggest to get involved on campus in a club or in the student government. You can also just make sure when going to class on the first day to say hi and introduce yourself to the person you are sitting to next to. Continue to have a conversation with them each time you come into class and overtime you will build a bond. Goodluck and enjoy community college it is a fun experience!

Shirley’s Answer


While attending community college I joined study groups.  You might want to also take a course that is extracurricular and is something you enjoy.  I took tennis and met new people who enjoyed the sport.  This led to watch parties (i.e. Wimbledon, etc.).  Volunteering for a cause is also a great way to gain acquaintances.   I think what's import here is that you choose an activity that you enjoy or find of value. 

Shirley recommends the following next steps:

  • Research study groups that you can contribute or learn
  • Find a community board or ask about college/class sponsored volunteer activities.