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what college did you go to for foreign languages teaching

for the wondering on which #foreign-languages #teaching #professor which college would be best to enroll for the sake of advancement to become a foreign languages professor.

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2 answers

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John’s Answer

My wife teaches English as a Second Language at a community college. She attended community college initially and then transferred to San Diego State University to complete her 4 year degree.

Think about your financial situation and where you can afford to go to college. The least expensive path is what my wife did.

Look at colleges you are intrested in and see if they have a program for teaching. Think about where you want to go to college. You will also need to get a teaching credential. Different states have different requirements so research what your state requires.

John recommends the following next steps:

Develop a short list of colleges and research their program offerings.
Research requirements to teach in the state you want to work.

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Yaseen’s Answer

It’s just different in names, but purpose is the sane. Here, in Yemen for instance, languages faculty can teach foreign language, like English, French, Germane....., other countries name the faculty which runs foreign language program “ Arts faculty”...