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Clarise B. Apr 04, 2018 363 views

How many hours of classes should I take per semester?

I am working on enrolling, and I will be a full-time student. I want to take as many gen-ed classes as I can to get them out of the way, but how many hours would you recommend I take? I won't be living on campus, so I don't want to overload on classes, but I would like to get classes done....

#college-admission #college-admissions #student-counseling #college-advice

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Alejandro B. Nov 15, 2018 186 views

what college did you go to for foreign languages teaching

for the wondering on which #foreign-languages #teaching #professor which college would be best to enroll for the sake of advancement to become a foreign languages...

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Jossie D. Nov 16, 2018 204 views

What criteria did you need to become a physician's assistant?

I am trying to plan my career as a physician's assistant and need guidance on now and where to start. #physician #medicine...


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Abigail J. Nov 27, 2018 170 views

What did you have to do to get in to this job?

I would like to know what I will have to do before I can get the same job #medicine...


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Tavon M. Mar 22, 2019 123 views
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Hannah K. Aug 02, 2019 139 views

Extracurricular on College Application

I am aware that you record the number of hours and weeks you were involved in an extracurricular activity. Does this number mean the number of hours you’ve spent in that club/extracurricular at school, or can the number of hours you’ve dedicated toward it also be included? For example, let’s...

#college-admissions #college #college-advice

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jazel L. Aug 30, 2019 43 views

how would i become an eclectro magnetic mecanic

I'm still in school and I'm 16 and I love cars and anything that has too do with getting my hands dirty...