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How long have you been working in the mechanical engineering field?

Asked Show Low, Arizona

I'm enrolled at job corps and I am going into a similar work site what would expect down the road in #mechanical-engineering

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Michael’s Answer


Hello Dakota, I have worked overall 15 years in an engineering role for equipment/product design and manufacturing. I have another 19 years experience using my engineering skills (build, optimization, solves, think logically, assess variables, navigate the unknown, willing to make mistakes and learn from them and get back up,) in supply chain for equipment production and delivery. What's great about the engineering field is that is trains you how to think and you can take this ability into any area that interests you. I went into many different jobs all using my engineering skills and some of my lifelong friends stayed as direct engineers at the same company and love it too; however, we all kind of think the same on how to approach challenges in life. Good luck!

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