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what is the navy like

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4 answers

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Robert’s Answer

The Navy is a great place to meet new people much of whom you'll work with or as part of your job during deployments. There are two main types of assignments of the Navy. There is Sea Duty whereby you are assigned to a ship or Shore Duty where you are assigned to unit that does not deploy. I've done both.

Sea Duty is a rewarding experience. You will have an opportunity to visit new places, meet very different people and cultures, and acts as an Ambassador of the United States when you are in foreign lands. Shore Duty is just as interesting since there are Military Bases throughout the world and you could have an opportunity to be stationed at any one that you may desire or even not desire.

Being in the Navy regardless of your job is a unique experience and like any other job, your experience is very much dependent on how you apply yourself while you are serving. This is a great opportunity to earn college credits, earn money for college, learn a valuable trade, or just travel if that is your motivation. It is also a tough assignment, be prepared to work long hours, work in team environments, endure rigorous training exercises, and most importantly, defend our democracy and Constitution. At the core of every person who serves in the military, you are "A Warrior".

I have benefited greatly in having the honor and privilege to serve in our Navy. My Service has taught me how to be self-sufficient, motivated, how to be a leader as well as a follower, disciplined, respectful, and most importantly, thankful for all of those who served and sacrificed before me and for those who will continue to serve and sacrifice after me.

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Dan’s Answer

Hey Wyatt,

Overall, the Navy is very demanding, but very rewarding at the same time. You will learn a lot, meet some amazing people from all over the country, and see some amazing things. At the same time you will be tested, physically and mentally, so be prepared for a challenge. Good Luck!

Dan recommends the following next steps:

Look at potential careers at www.navy.com

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Robin’s Answer

I really like Dan's answer but you may want to consider the US Coast Guard. Its a smaller service but the change in mission over the past few years has opened the doors to many exciting opportunities.

Robin recommends the following next steps:

check out gocoastguard.com

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Kevin’s Answer

To coat tail Dan - the NAVY is very demanding. Training for all aspects of career paths are exceptional and very high pressure as all ship board jobs demand an extremely high level of attention to detail. You will work hard and play hard. I wouldn't trade my time in the NAVY for anything.