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what is a typical day for you in HVAC?

Job corps looking into HVAC
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2 answers

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Moinul’s Answer

<span style="color: rgb(100, 100, 100);">There are many career paths open to the person who is trained in HVAC. Moreover, the job requirements for an HVAC technician will likely vary depending on geographical location, type of employer and experience. Even so, this article seeks to give a glimpse into a typical day in the life of an HVAC technician. If you are considering studying HVAC but are not sure if it is the right career choice for you, consider the following to determine if you may be ready to seek </span>vocational training<span style="color: rgb(100, 100, 100);"> in the field of HVAC.</span>

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Nathan’s Answer

Hi Christique, HVAC is an important industry with a lot of good job prospects. You have a few choices to consider. You could work for a residential HVAC company where your day to day may involve visiting a lot of homes to install or maintain their HVAC. Or, you could work with a Commercial HVAC company working on large buildings and construction. Your day to day depends on the role you want. Large HVAC companies often have their own fabrication workshop, so you could be working in their workshop each day. Or, you could be out on construction sites each day as part of the installation crew. Or, you could be driving around in a service truck/van doing maintenance jobs on existing HVAC systems. There are also positions in Project Management, Estimating, Sales, Design/Drafting and technology. Often, starting out in the workshop to learn the business and then working your way into other roles is a path many take to build their career in HVAC. I know a company CEO who started in the workshop.