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Stress level

Asked Dubuque, Iowa

Is the stress level in CMA occupation high ? And how do you deal with it ?
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2 answers

Maria’s Answer


Hi Ladaria,

As you know, stress levels are different for each individual; therefore, this is a little difficult to answer.

If you like to work with numbers and problem solf, you work well under pressure and you are able to remain cool, calm and collected the <span style="color: rgb(67, 58, 83); background-color: transparent;">CMA:  Certified Management Accountant position may be perfect for you</span>. When you're responsible for a company's finances you may find that you feel some pressure, especially during the tax season which occurs after the first of the year to the middle of April. <span style="color: rgb(67, 58, 83); background-color: transparent;"> However, if you stress easily it’s possible that this may not be the position for you.</span>

I've found that if I remain organized, make sure I receive clear requirements by asking additional questions as well as have a good work/life balance that I am better able to manage my stress. It's also helpful to take time for yourself by getting out of the office for lunch, listen to music on your commute to and from work, and do things you like to do outside your job responsibilities.

Although, in the end, this is one of those questions where you may want to ask yourself how well do you handle stress.

Maria F.

Stacey’s Answer


Hi Ladaria!

So I cannot speak specifically to stress in the CMA occupation or medical field for that matter. However, I can speak to how to manage a stressful job. I have actually worked in a high stress position for 13 years, and support 32 retail stores currently.

The most important part to managing a stressful job is ensuring you will have a good work life balance. For example although I am on call to aid these 32 stores they are aware after 7 pm they have to call a different support number, the same is true for the entire weekend.

I also recommend a hobby, as silly as it sounds. This can be yoga, running, reading, sewing, etc. anything that puts your mind at ease and, relaxes you. For me it's crafting and, it doubles as another income.

I hope this helps! Have a great New Year!

Stacey R.