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what are some good community colleges for going into a pediatrician career ??

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Andrea’s Answer


Hi Chelsea. So exciting that you are interested in becoming a pediatrician. I think more important than the community college that you choose is your performance there! As a recruiter, I am very impressed with students who have worked hard in community college, gotten great grades, and then leveraged that to transfer to a 4 year university (and for you that would ultimately lead to med school!).

If you are comparing different community college options, I would ask them about their rates of completion (the number of students that graduate from their programs within a specified period of time) and ask them what types of things their students frequently go on to do after graduation, including further schooling. Additionally, since you'll need to take a lot of science classes to fulfill your pre-med requirements, I would make sure to check in with them about what science classes they offer. I know it seems far away, but I would take a look at a few med schools that you might be interested in down the line and look at their admissions pages on their websites. This page should list their required "pre-reqs", classes that you need to take in order to apply. I would bring this list to a meeting with the admission / enrollment counselor at the community colleges you're looking at and see what they have to offer within those requirements!