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When becomming a health care lawyer, what courses should a student take that should prepare them for law school and career.

Asked Gilbert, Arizona

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Ajay’s Answer

Updated Denver, Colorado

If you are certain health care law is the field that you'd like to go into, try and take health care focused course, such as biology, anatomy & physiology, as well as interning or working in the health care field. There is no requirement that you have prior health care experience to practice health care law, but understanding the fundamentals will always help. In terms of preparation for law school, the best thing to do is take critical thinking classes, or classes that challenge your ability to problem-solve and write.

Even if you don't have experience in health-care law, you can still become a health care lawyer by reaching out to and learning from health care lawyers.

Ajay recommends the following next steps:

  • Find some health care lawyers in your area - ask them if they'd be willing to describe their day-to-day and their background to see if they took a particular route in school. Some may have gone the pre-med route, while others did not go through health care classes at all.