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The process to become a c.n.a then to transitioning RN was it hard?


What was the most challenging things you came across to become a RN?

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Tracie’s Answer

Updated Morro Bay, California

Hello, Dontrell. This is a great question. I found the process of being a CNA and transitioning to the RN role a good path. The CNA education and experience allowed me the opportunity to see first hand if 1) I truly wanted to pursue the RN role and 2) gave me a better understanding of the RN role and the healthcare system as a whole. These things made my nursing education seem less stressful than some of my classmates that did not have that experience. My biggest challenge was working as a CNA while going through nursing school. It did take a lot of time management skills and often having to say 'no' to some extra-curricular activities with family and friends. However, the extra money helped with the cost and I also received tuition assistance to pursue my RN from my employer at the time. In the long run, I found it was totally worth it and completely doable.