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Can I major in Marketing and minor in Interior Design?

I want to be an Interior Designer, with Event Planner as a back-up. I have already been told it may not be the greatest idea to major in Interior Design, so it this a better idea

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2 answers

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Madeline’s Answer

Yes. If you pursue a Marketing degree you can easily add minors to boost your credibility as an interior designer or event planner. Majoring in marketing makes you a more competitive candidate for jobs.

Some schools also also offer a degree called Interior Architecture. The general concept is to design a building in a effective but creative way. Also you could just design one room of a home.

Madeline recommends the following next steps:

Schedule a meeting with your advisor
Bring a list of questions
Bring up anything that might hold you back from a certain major

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Soha’s Answer

I would first ask if a double major is possible first. If not then it all depends on if the university allows for a program like majoring in Business and Minoring in Interior Design. Both Business Marketing and Interior Design are equally as competitive, follow what inspires you and you will be surprised at what unfolds