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What should I minor in with an Envoronmental bio major

Asked Linden, Pennsylvania

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Madeline’s Answer

Updated Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania

As an undergrad at PSU, I was in the college of Health and Human Development. I do not know which college your major is in, but you can just explore the minors page on your colleges website and see what you might want to study. Also, you can work with your advisor on how to incorporate that minor with your major. Your advisor will know how to pair different minors with an Environmental Bio major!

Jackson’s Answer

Updated Dallas, Texas

Marina: I agree with Jeff. You might want to consider minor in Statistics. Statistics "focuses on theories and methods of data collection, tabulation, analysis, and interpretation." Having a strong knowledge in statistics definitely helps you become a better environmental biologist. At the same time, it may open additional doors (career paths) that's simply not available for a Major in Environmental Biology.

Jackson recommends the following next steps:

  • Look into the required courses for minor in statistics. Understand what statistics classes are applicable to your environmental biology major. Take statistics classes that satisfy both majors. Enjoy college!

Jeff’s Answer


Hi. I would stay with STEM subjects. I majored in physics with minors in Math, Chemistry and Biology. Given those three and given your major, I’d minor in Mathematics.

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