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As a real estate agent is their a lot of math involved for this career?

Updated Lynn, Massachusetts

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Sheila’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia

Hello Kenya: Basic math is an important part of our life. I'd think that there is a small amount of math involved with this career. Basic math for financing calculations is all the math that is required for real estate licensing in most states. Many states also allow the use of calculators to answer math questions on a real estate licensing exam.

Here are some of the areas you'll need:

Algebra (for comparing variables)

Geometry ( for lot and room sizes)

Statistics ( for analysis of markets and trends)

Computer Science ( for marketing and communications)

Calculus ( for tools to invest all the money you make)

A Real Estate Agent could be a very lucrative career if you are successful at it. So go make dream homes happen. :)



Good Luck to You!

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