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Robert Livingston

Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Olathe, Kansas
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Nick Nov 20, 2019 511 views

How hard was it to get a job?

#construction #agriculture

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cedrick Mar 16, 2020 701 views

How do you interview for a welding position?

#interviews #welding #welder #interviewing-skills

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Courtney May 13, 2020 1163 views

How do you stay focused?

I am struggling with my boring classes. I find myself getting distracted often by information I want to learn versus the information I have to learn. I am studying health sciences and the History of Japan in the 1800s is boring me to tears. #premed

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Taylor May 13, 2020 3148 views

Should I continue my Degree?

I'm graduating this month from a community college with my Associates in Business. I am thinking about transferring to a university to get my bachelors in marketing, but I honestly don't know what I want to do with my degree/career. I'm struggling to make a decision on whether or not I should...

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Kenya Feb 06, 2019 15671 views

As a real estate agent is their a lot of math involved for this career?