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How hard was it to get a job?

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2 answers

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Robert’s Answer

I have always been told, and experienced it at 1 point in my career that getting a job, IS a full time job itself. The time and effort you put into finding a job should equal the time and effort that the job requires and pays for. So if you want a full time job with good pay, put full time effort into finding that job.

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Steven’s Answer

Hey, Nick! It looks like you have an interest in agricultural or construction work. That's great, those industries are doing very well today, and should continue to grow as the population continues to increase annually. Generally, the difficulty of finding the right job depends on the industry you are entering, how you compare to the rest of the market regarding experiences and certifications, and how much growth the industry is experiencing.

The industry you are entering has a major impact on the ease you can find a job. Some industries, such as healthcare, food, construction, and retail, can be found in all places that have relatively high amounts of people, like around cities and suburbs. Some industries are more localized to certain geographical areas, industries like technology, farming, and specific manufacturing industries.

The next thing to look at is how you compare to other people looking at similar jobs. Are there lots of people all looking into this field for this type of work? Do you need any special college classes or certifications in order to enter a specific industry or job? Is this industry new and growing, or has it been established already?

Finally, look at how the job or industry is growing as a whole. I like to use the Bureau of Labor Statistics web site to see what the government predicts how the growth of a certain industry will change over time. You can see a vast variety of occupational statistics on the occupational overlook handbook: https://www.bls.gov/ooh/

Have a good day, and remember that growth is constantly happening, and there will be opportunities that will present themselves with the right attitude and drive.

Steven recommends the following next steps:

Research your desired industry to see its major locations and jobs
Build up experiences that match what experiences these jobs require
Always be open to new experiences to expand your knowledge and skills