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What would be the best way to get a Data Science job in Toronto, for someone who is living down in Mexico?


I have a bachelor degree in Philosophy, and last year I finished Industrial Engineering. Right now, I taking a specialization in Data Science through Coursera. I live in Guadalajara city and work at IBM as a Sales Manager Advisor. My wife and I want to move to Toronto, and I've applied to some jobs, but so far I've not got any answer.

Thanks in advance for your piece of advice!!
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2 answers

Andrew’s Answer

Updated Cupertino, California

Hi Julio! Props for transitioning into a new field and a new country; I know that isn't easy :)

Some of the best ways to get noticed within a community (such as data science) is to sign up to github and start some cool projects on your own; utilize python notebooks to analyze pieces of your own life and post your findings!

Another way to get involved is to look at multiple open source projects that utilize data science or are data science libraries themselves. Being able to point towards experience in the open source world is a huge plus for recruiters.

As Justin said, looking internally at IBM for internal opportunities can help you transition into data science as well.

Andrew recommends the following next steps:

  • Start a github account and create some example projects utilizing data science
  • Build connections in Toronto through meetups or user groups with Data Science.
  • Participate in some open source projects to build expertise and build your network.
  • Do some research into the visa requirements and emigration steps to Canada from Mexico.
  • Research companies that are there utilizing data science and find out how they use data science in order to talk to them from that perspective

Justin’s Answer


Julio, great job on working towards a Data Science specialization via Coursera! Along with Python I would also recommend getting familiar with SQL as well as visualization tools (Looker, Tableau, DataStudio) to become a qualified candidate. IBM is also a large company, are there any internal certificates you can complete for Data Science?

Justin recommends the following next steps:

  • Finish Coursera course work and investigate internal certs
  • Look into SQL/Visualizations
  • Due diligence on specific companies you would like to apply for in Toronto
  • Look up recruiters for those companies via LinkedIn and connect with them