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Can technology be a big regret to someone business?

Asked Memphis, Tennessee

Like if a person business, can technology be a cause of it.
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2 answers

Bryanna’s Answer


I do not see how technology will be a regret to someone in business unless you fail to understand technologies capabilities. Technology is all around us and it is moving faster than ever. Technology changes the way we manage business. It is important to be aware of what technology is available as it may help you see new business opportunities or solve issues.  I am currently working an effort to leverage Big Data and Internet of Things technology to improve energy consumption and equipment maintenance routines - the opportunities are boundless!

Bryanna recommends the following next steps:

  • I suggest spending a few minutes each day reviewing highlights from a news feed such as SmartBrief: https://www.smartbrief.com/ . You can customize this newsfeed to match your interests or needs. You can dive deeper into articles that interest you.

Monica’s Answer

Updated Chandler, Arizona

I feel technology can only be a regret if you don't properly know how to use it in business. If you know how to use your computer systems, your tablets, your phones, your printers and other tech such as the internet, websites and apps, your business would have no bounds. You would have limitless opportunities as long as your properly learn how to use them.