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How will the growth of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in five to ten years, imact our world?

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I am thinking of how the growth of the two in five to ten years, will impact our economy. #tech #ar #vr

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Ted’s Answer


I worked as a Product Manager for an Saas-based event management company that also offered a set of mobile apps for the event attendees' mobile devices. Imagine going to an event like Re:Invent and being able to use AR to help highlight the Vendors that match your interests among the maze of vendors in the vast exhibitor's hall. Or, imagine as a vendor, being able to see a booth visitor's name, interests, company, other booths they've visited. That would change the conversation you would have with that attendee and make it much more productive. So, the potential for change is huge (as reflected in all the answers to your question). Would highly encourage you to pursue this area if you have an interest.

Ted recommends the following next steps:

  • Think about what industries would benefit from AR/VR and how their users / customers would could benefit.
  • Identify companies in those industries that are particularly innovative.
  • Search LinkedIn for employees at that company that might be in a Labs or R&D role.
  • Reach out to them and ask about opportunities at that company or possible internships.

Michael’s Answer


I'm in a $10B silicon valley software company and we think AR and VR will be huge. Even things like how you might interact with spreadsheets and powerpoint documents. Training will be huge as well as the vertical integration of solutions (e.g., mechanics working on very technical systems, like jets, large industrial machinery, etc.). We've even seen some demo's with "smell" in the AR/VR space.

My role at Fannie Mae is focused on management and evaluation of real estate. I see augmented/virtual reality becoming a larger impact when it comes to property management and real estate marketing. We're already seeing major advances in 3D scanning (google the company Matterport), and now we're seeing companies being able to take this imagery and allow people to walk through a property. Imagine a world where a property showing can happen virtually where you and the real estate agent are virtually connected and walking the property together from two different countries. The key to seeing this technology grow is the practicality of the area where it is deployed (is it easy to implement, will it add value, etc.) and the openness of the users of the technology. Jacob Williamson

Lindsay’s Answer


One really specific thing that comes to my mind when I think of the future and possibilities of Virtual Reality is improving the quality of life for our Senior community and improving quality of life for people of Advanced Age.