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Michael Bender

VMware IT & IoT BU Chief of Staff
Management Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
California, CA
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Yaneli Oct 25, 2019 1510 views

how did you begin your career? and at what age?

#career-counseling #career #job

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iris Oct 30, 2018 847 views

Do professor cared about you being in class on time?

#professor #college #college-applications #college-major

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Jared Mar 20, 2019 532 views

How is it that people advance in this field?

#career #business

David’s Avatar
David Apr 03, 2019 757 views

I'm in my freshman year in college and it is difficult for me to financially do it I'm not a quitter but can anyone offer some good advice?

#college #finances #college-advice

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Kiat Mar 05, 2019 456 views

What kind of technicals should I expect in a finance interview with a tech firm?

Do tech companies ask technical questions during the interview process (if going for a finance position)?

If so, what sorts of technical questions should I prepare for in my interview prep?


Matteo’s Avatar
Matteo Mar 05, 2019 694 views

How will the growth of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in five to ten years, imact our world?

I am thinking of how the growth of the two in five to ten years, will impact our economy. #tech #AR #VR

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Bala Feb 27, 2019 665 views

Hey ,I'm in my final of college and pursuing degree in computer science but I don't know what to do next because we weren't thought much programming skills in college ,so I'm confused to follow next whether to go for software development or M.B.A finance as I have some knowledge about finance and business?

I'm in my final of college and pursuing degree in computer science.
#career #college #finance #software #confused