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Kiat Mar 05, 2019 354 views

What kind of technicals should I expect in a finance interview with a tech firm?

Do tech companies ask technical questions during the interview process (if going for a finance position)?

If so, what sorts of technical questions should I prepare for in my interview prep?


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Kiat Mar 05, 2019 445 views

Best way to differentiate self from other students at tech companies?

What is the best way to differentiate myself from other students when competing for tech jobs? Extracurriculars, or internships?


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Kiat Sep 01, 2017 1289 views

Jobs outside of Big4 accounting?

I am pursuing an accounting degree from a top target school. However, I do not want to do audit or tax. Are there any other careers outside of traditional accounting that I can pursue with an accounting degree?

#accounting #Big4