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Hey ,I'm in my final of college and pursuing degree in computer science but I don't know what to do next because we weren't thought much programming skills in college ,so I'm confused to follow next whether to go for software development or M.B.A finance as I have some knowledge about finance and business?

I'm in my final of college and pursuing degree in computer science.
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4 answers

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Ryan’s Answer

Hi Bala. I always advise to get a bachelor's degree then go pursue a full time opportunity somewhere that you think you want to try out. A lot of companies will even reimburse you for your MBA if you decided to go back to school later on. In business experience is very important, and in some cases can be more important than a higher education. You can also pursue certifications especially in programming while you are finishing up school/ starting your full time employment.

Ryan recommends the following next steps:

Research industry certifications
Look at experience required for job positions you may be interested in

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Nick’s Answer

Hi Baka,

I ageee with Ryan that if it is best to pursue a full time opportunity in computer science whether that be coding or an IT role. Try to find a company that pay for your Masters whether it be in engineering or finance. That is what I did. My degree was in chemical engineering and then I pursued in finance while working full time. You have to decide after working a year or two where your passion lies. The future is in AI so a good masters would be in Data Science. There are many different AI roles so you need to research which ones interest you.

Find your passion and pursue it.

Good luck

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Raghavender’s Answer

Hey, i could totally relate to this. But good news is that you have a lot of tools/sites which can help you build your Programming skills.

i can speak specifically for Salesforce, it has a lot of self paced trainings that can help you go a long way: https://trailhead.salesforce.com/

Setting up developer environment to learn /practice programming if very simple and its a fun way to keep learning.

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Michael’s Answer

My advice is that first you need to follow your passion. Some folks really like to code, so if that the case, go that route. But with lot's of years of Finance (and working in IT) I think having some Computer Science background with Finance is a great ticket (assuming you like the finance part of work). Good luck