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How do I know what career is for me? Ive had my mind set on being a veterinarian but as Ive gotten older i feel drawn to serving others. What career could help me fulfill my calling?

Asked Green Hill, Tennessee

I feel like i should giving a veterinarian a shot since its been my plan since a child. In the last year or so I've been reconsidering being a veterinarian because I really enjoy making others peoples lives easier. I just dont know what career to go into and what would satisfy my need to help others.

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Katie’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

The beautiful thing about being young is that you can try a bunch of different things out to see what works; by getting internships or volunteering. There is so much that you could to do to help be of service to others by looking at where else veterinarians work other than at a private practice. Maybe go to an animal shelter and volunteer there and see what the vets do there. I would also say informal interviews are going to be your friend here. Ask a bunch of people what they do (and pro-tip: People love to talk about themselves) and find out what drives them. What got them into that field? I think you also need to look within yourself and find out what does being of service mean to you. When do you feel that you are the most in service? Is there a career that you can make out of that? The world is your oyster, explore! And the other thing is a lot of us have followed different career paths to get where we are. Most people don't go in a straight line, so it is ok to try things for a few years and if you realize that job isn't for you how do you then move to do something with the skill set that you have built! Most people have many careers in life, so you may find one that works for a bit and then need to do something else for a variety of reasons. Just because you start in one place doesn't mean you won't end up in another! Good luck and you got this!