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Maleah Mar 05, 2019 544 views

How do we know that technology won’t control the world a couple years from now?

It’s a good thing for technology to grow but at the same time, not everything can be achieved from technology. #tech

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Apr 17, 2019 2151 views

How can I speak properly when in an interview?

#career #interviews #job-search

giovanni’s Avatar
giovanni Jun 22, 2016 1021 views

how much money does a programmer make?

I wish to know how much a beginner programmer #programming

Matteo’s Avatar
Matteo Mar 05, 2019 694 views

How will the growth of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in five to ten years, imact our world?

I am thinking of how the growth of the two in five to ten years, will impact our economy. #tech #AR #VR

Anirudh’s Avatar
Anirudh Mar 05, 2019 615 views

What's an atypical route to get into the tech industry?

Recently, a couple of professionals came to my school to talk about their careers. A lot of them got there through atypical career paths that weren't even associated with their fields. #tech