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what education and training do i need to be an interior designer?

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3 answers

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Andrika’s Answer

For sure interior design major/class, or space design and planning.

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Pam’s Answer

If you are not sure whether you want to work for commercial or residential clients, start in an Associates degree program for interior design. Try to get some part time work and/or an internship to help you decide what kind of job you ultimately want. There is a lot of variety in types of jobs for designers. This will also help you to decide if you want to continue for another 2 yrs to attain a bachelors degree. If you want to work on commercial projects, you definitely need to get a bachelors degree and probably also become licensed.

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Sheevana’s Answer

Look into a college with an ID degree program, you can start with an Associates, or go for a Bachelors. In school you'll learn more about the different areas of Interior Design (space planning, interior architecture, fit and finishe, lighting, furniture, etc.). There a lot of different avenues you can take with ID as a career (residential, commericial, institutional, hospitality, etc.). Once you complete a degree, and gain some industry experience, there are additional certifications you go for, though a dealership or design firm won't always necessarily require these (since you have the degree), it will depend on the type of career path you want to eventually go down.

If you do decide this is the career path for you and start an ID program, I would suggest the below items as well.

Sheevana recommends the following next steps:

Research the different fields of ID more, see if a certain area calls out to you. Nothing might jump out initially, school will help you find that thing that clicks.
Intern while you're in school, you can gain a ton of insight to the day to day work (look into furniture dealerships and design firms)
Look into IIDA while you're in school, and sign up as a student, look into their local events and network
Dive in and soak up as much info and experience as you can.