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I need a job?

Asked Rhode Island, Rhode Island

I need money so i can be become independent and move out of my moms place. #job #people

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Florian’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

Don't rush to move out! I know it's tempting and parents can oftentimes be a pain but they allow you to save quite a bit of money which comes handy when you try to make grown up decisions.

Tell me what you like and i'll try to help better on the job question :)

It's good to have that feeling , you are a surviver , but stay home a wile longer and no rush , but why don't you work and save up money and then get out travel then come home work more and live your life. I used to pay my mom a sum every month and then when I moved out she gave me a " bank book" where she had saved all the Money I had given her ( rent money ) so to me it was a great start put the money for the rent and she said " you need them more than I" so I got some help thanks to that ;)!