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What is a good introduction to say when talking about your career?

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If you are telling others about your career, and also want to look professional, what would be a good way to go about it? This would be for introducing it to them.

It would be great if you also told me how to talk about my career for the whole explanation.
P.S, my career would be marine biologist for reference. #career #interview #essay

4 answers

Joseph’s Answer


Hi Sophia,

When introducing yourself in a professional setting I would recommend giving the person an "elevator pitch". An elevator pitch is meant to be a very quick summary of who you are and how it relates to the person you are talking to. I can't really speak about being a marine biologist, but here is an example of what I would say:

Hi, my name is Joseph. I am currently working for a Big 4 Accounting firm as an Audit Associate. (At this point I would mention something I researched about the person/company). I've recently had the opportunity to help my client navigate new accounting guidance that required me to research the proper literature and how it applied to their company. I was able to help transition the accounting department by clearly showing the client the difference between what they were currently doing and highlighting the impact of this change on their financial numbers. Not only did I really enjoy developing my problem solving and researching skills, but also helping my client.

Joseph recommends the following next steps:

  • Research about the company/person you are talking to, so you know the most relevant things to say to them.

Caroline’s Answer


As Simon Sinek describes, in his TED talk titled “How Leaders Inspire Action”, think about why you do what you do in addition to what you do to give an interesting explanation. An example for a real estate agent could be, “I help people find their American Dream”. That explains why and what in a way that would help generate a good conversation.

Vivian’s Answer


I think a good introduction would be speaking confidently and be short and concise. Be able to tell what is most unique about you and why you want to take this path. Good luck!

Olivia’s Answer


Be short and succinct and add a personal touch that shows that you have personality (that may be of interest to the listener if you have done your research on them). Just imagine what you would like to hear from someone else telling them about their career. No unnecessary technical detail (especially if they are not working in your chosen field) but just sufficiently to raise interest in what you are doing.

Always ask who will be interviewing you and research their career so you know what points you might have in common. I find LinkedIn a very helpful resource and would always check people's profiles before entering an interview.

Hope this helps.