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If you had the choice to choose a career other than being the Architectural & Mechanical Manager you are right now, would you pick a different career path?

Updated Ottumwa, Iowa

Would you choose another career? Why? #career-path #mechanical-engineering

2 answers

Rumshah’s Answer

Updated Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hi there,

I am currently pursuing my degree in Bio and mechanical engineering and I absolutely LOVE IT! If I had an option to pick a different career path, I would definitely still pick mechanical engineering because it is something I was always interested in. I believe that your interests play a huge role in helping you determine your career path. This is why it is important to choose a profession based on your natural skills and your interests rather than what other people are doing :)

Paul’s Answer

Updated Bensenville, Illinois

I would first ask the question, "What is motivating me to wish a change in career path? The field of Archtiectural and Mechanical Engineering offers many options for aiding society through the providing safe and appropriate devices and facilities. You might also explore your interests and determine if they have changed or match the requirements of the field. If you have made substantial progress toward the degree, then determine what other fields you could enter using the education you now possess and the extra time and expense following a new field might bring you.