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what is a day like for you

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B’s Answer

95% execution 5% enjoyment.

90% of the work you do in the day are just execution( irrespective of you like or not). only 10% or sometimes less is what you enjoy. It is pretty common with everyone. The deal is to remember these few moments and forget the rest.

For me lately days are super busy, I work full time and go to college in the evening, study rest of the days. Also, we had a baby recently, so I have to cater to my wife n daughter( the 10% that I enjoy).

If you have any specific concerns or looking for perspective you can respond here, I will try to help you with my experience.

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Karthikeyan’s Answer

Not wholly construction specific: I'm a landscape architect, so varies with the stage at which my projects are. If they are still in the design stage, i'm mostly at the office, with periodic site visits to see how the site changes over the seasons, special conditions ( like water levels etc),. During construction, im there approx a couple of days a week observing and documenting site work, and problem solving for unexpected site issues. Im also up early and done sooner, as against a design schedule that runs later into the evening.

Both aspects of the job are great fun, and like any other, some parts could be stressful or tedious. Both parts of the job require working with other people, experts in what they do. with every new project you keep learning. Key is to be observant, ask questions, keep learning.

feel free to follow up with more specific questions, on construction, construction management or design.