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What careers are there where a lot of math is used? So I could be more successful, what type of math?

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2 answers

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B’s Answer

If I rephrase the question" which type of math has more application in the industry for successful career opportunities? " then I here is what I think my own experience.

Even though I will give you few applications of few domains, please, do not consider the math in other areas are inferior.

Algebra :

Most of the modern computer computation and algorithms are based on strong algebra foundations. Strong understand of Matrices and equations solving will help you understand the programming language applications.

Career: Computer programmers, etc.


Data is the key in many areas to get inferences and to make predictions. But the mathematical basis to work with this data is very important too, so is the understanding on how to process the data. With the computer processing and digital data accumulation we have many new areas with lot of data to create new insights.

Career: Business analyst, Finance professional and Data scientists, etc.


Calculus has wide variety of applications, which goes beyond the level current discussion but lets just say that Calculus complements many fields of mathematics, physics and stands on its own.

Career: Engineers, Scientists and Analysts, etc.


May it be construction field or the computer graphics understanding trigonometry will help in many domains. As with other fields of math trigonometry may not sufficient in itself for application.

Career: Engineers

These are the broad areas of math that you can consider almost all field of computational world will have to use.

If you have a specific question, respond here, I will try to answer my best.

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Bryce’s Answer

Math is a great field to look into! There a ton of careers in math from being a math professor, to becoming an actuary if you like stats, or maybe an engineer. Companies even hire mathmaticians to calculate cost and risk, such as Toyota.