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interested in higher education

Asked Chicago, Illinois

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Mr. Ernst’s Answer

Updated Newark, New Jersey

Alnita M,

In today's rough economy if possible it is always ideal to pursue higher education. The more you know the more money you can make and the less time you'll have to work. But truth is pursuing higher education is receiving skills and information on an adult level to be prepared for an adult world. There are careers where a degree represents 3+ years experience. Life is a school and you never stop learning so you might as well pursue higher education in order to gain contacts, network and utilize different methods in the corporate world. You will also deal with diversified crowds on a daily basis and get a taste of every field with your elective courses. I will tell you this much when its all said and done you will always feel good at the end of the day that you used your brain to gain a degree by completing 100+ credits. I wish you the best on your journey.

I agree with Mr. Ernst's! Higher ed has is challenges but you will be in an environment that fosters being a lifelong learner. There are many organizations you can join now to build your connections, I would start with NASPA (https://www.naspa.org/)