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Zachary Arnold

Shipping and receiving
Transportation and Material Moving Occupations - Office and Administrative Support Occupations
Franklin, Massachusetts
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Amirah Nov 08, 2022 632 views

How do you..?

How do you manage your time?
what is the key to time management?
between work, school, friends, self-care, and personal needs

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Abigail Nov 08, 2022 621 views

How do you know your selected major in college will get you a successful job right out of college?

Business major
Currently a senior

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Aaron Nov 08, 2022 538 views

I don’t know… I am lost… What do I do? I’ve hit my all new low.

A few days ago I felt like I’ve hit my all new low… I don’t know what major to do in college nor do I have a interest in any majors or what college I want to go. Despite going on many college tours in-state (Massachusetts) and out of state, all of them stood out to me, but I cannot choose one...

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Juan Oct 06, 2022 519 views

What are some high paying careers I can take, if I am good at culinary?

I want to know careers related to culinary that pay big money.

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Victor Oct 03, 2022 285 views

What can i do to become a succesful automotive mechanic?

experience tips

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Andrea Jul 12, 2022 538 views

Course shifting

Can I still shift courses in 2nd year of college even if i have 2 failing marks?

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Anina May 10, 2016 1069 views

How much does having a degree from a less prestigious school hurt you if you are competing against top tier college graduates?

Hi! My name is Anina and I'm a high school senior interning at CareerVillage. I'm currently considering a state school vs. a higher-tier school for college, and I was wondering how much the reputation of a school helped you find a job afterwards. To employers: to you give preference to those...

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Jacinta Jun 29, 2022 663 views

Are there scholarships I can sign up for as a sophomore in high school.

I am 15 and I would like to apply for all available scholarships.

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Alex Nov 12, 2021 526 views

what steps should i take for HVAC


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Kaylee Apr 27, 2022 426 views

what type of education do you need to become an actor? what type of education do you need to become a writer or an author? Is college a good idea for acting skills and author skills?

How much money would it be to get into college for acting/athor/writing/etc?

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Diana May 18, 2016 1331 views

What academic skills do I need to have to be successful in college?

I am an 11th grade student and I am afraid that I won't be ready for college. #university #student #high-school #skills #personal-development #college

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Aaron Feb 01, 2020 1485 views

What are skills that are necessary but often neglected?

I'm a high school student going into college. I've heard that a lot of important skills are neglected to be taught to be taught in school that are invaluable in any job, like presentation skills. #student #personal-development #skills

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John Apr 10, 2022 713 views

Apart from skills related to our career path, what other skills are important for a person to have?

It's always a pressure to work on skills that will make a person successful in the certain career they wish for. However, we have seen people surviving from skillset outside their career path. What are the best skills to have apart from those required in certain career paths?

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amir May 05, 2022 569 views

what are some career choices that don't require a college education that pay well?

what are some careers that don't require a college education that pay well?

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Jayden May 06, 2022 602 views

What are good skills I should learn during the summer to prepare myself for when I head to college?

From basic life skills to insights on ways to prepare, I am looking to get as much tips and tricks as possible to help prepare myself for the college lifestyle.