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Aaron Feb 01, 2020 489 views

What is a day in the life of a physicist like?

I want to become a physicist working in research and development, what would life be like? What are the hours? What is the work environment like? #science #physics

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Aaron Feb 01, 2020 1364 views

What are skills that are necessary but often neglected?

I'm a high school student going into college. I've heard that a lot of important skills are neglected to be taught to be taught in school that are invaluable in any job, like presentation skills. #student #personal-development #skills

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Aaron Feb 01, 2020 513 views

For physics majors, how does government research projects compare to those of private companies?

I am a senior in high school, one of my teachers had told me that government research and private research were different, primarily focusing on grant focused payment vs direct. What are other differences? #physics #research #government

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Aaron Feb 01, 2020 591 views

What kind of projects do physics majors work on?

Do you work in R&D or just research? How do you work with scientists of other fields? #research #science #physics

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Aaron Feb 01, 2020 3980 views

What is a good minor to pair with a physics degree?

I am a senior in high school who wants to work in physics on a variety of projects. I'm thinking about having a engineering minor, but what opportunities could I get from other minors? #physics #college-major #college-minor #science