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What is the minimum and maximum amount of years required to be certified to teach?

Asked El Campo, Texas

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Kelly’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas

To be certified you must follow a degree plan set up by your university to obtain an education degree. Back in the day, when I was going to school, you had to earn 124 hours to earn your bachelor degree. That generally meant 4 years, but if you go to summer school you could earn up to 12 hours each summer which would decrease the time by a semester. Also, remember that you have to do student teaching, full day, your final semester. Though this will allow you to begin working, most education majors do go back to work on a master degree. Since I did it part time I finished in two years. Remember to look at your state's requirement for certification. In Texas you must take a general education exam and also specialization exams before you can be certified. You are also required to get so many hours of continuation education hours, which most schools will provide you. However, if you are earning your masters, those hours can also go to those CE requirement. It might also be helpful, once you enroll in your university, to go to the counseling center and take a job preference inventory. It can help you decide where you want to go. Good luck with all your future endevors.

Emily’s Answer



     It will really depend on the State and the School that you go to. I myself was able to be certified to teach after 4 years of school and that was just getting my Bachelors degree. Some schools do now put the Masters in with the Bachelors at one time so it could be 6 years of school and some let you get it while you are teaching. I would recommend to look into your State's or the State you want to teach in requirements. Then when you are looking at the school you want to attend they would have the classes needed and how long but you can also speak to an Advisor there and they can lay out a solid plan that will work for you!

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