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Not sure what career path I want to take

I am interested in alot of things but am stuck on which career path to take. I need advice on how to choose a career #law

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7 answers

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Ibrahim’s Answer

Choose the career path which you would feel more comfortable with, the career path in which you would enjoy what you do and still passionate about it.

A career path is made up of the positions you hold. Your career path should account for your goals, future plans and personality. Considering these factors can help you choose the right starting position and make strategic decisions over time.

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Hossam’s Answer

A career path is made up of the positions you hold as you grow in your field. Your first job or college degree, for example, can mark the beginning of your career path. As you gain additional knowledge and skills, you may progress or “move vertically” into more advanced roles. Some employees also “move laterally” into equal but different job roles as they specialize or change career paths. Your career path should account for your goals, future plans and personality. Considering these factors can help you choose the right starting position and make strategic decisions over time. Follow these steps as you prepare a career path:

1. Outline your career goals
2. Create a five- and 10-year plan
3. Discover your personality type
4. Review your previous experience
5. Compare job requirements to your education
6. Assess your current skill set
7. Take note of your interests
8. Identify your core values
9. Consider your salary needs

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Fernando’s Answer

Start with asking yourself, what are your passions or hobbies? When it comes to picking a career path it's important to pick something you're already invested in. Once you've narrowed down your hobbies research each one. Find out career paths, fields of study that are required to perform said jobs, colleges that offer courses in these fields. Take your time and be patient, you wont arrive at the answer immediately. Above all else don't let someone else force you into making a hasty decision or into picking a field you don't comfortable in. This is your life, there for you get the last word on where you want to go.

If at some point, after picking a path, you feel like changing because it's not clicking or it's not what you expected don't feel guilty. Many people, myself included, ended up changing our fields of focus. As long as you end up studying or working where you feel you're at your best that's all that matters.

Thank you so much Olwethu M.

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Basem’s Answer

Everybody loves alot of things, but for you career you have to choose 1 thing for now then when u reach a very advanced level in it you can go to the other.
But as an advice don't go for many paths at the same time. to choose try to test yourself with many each path enter some of it or try to read each topic.

as a steps:
1- create a list if the things you like.
2- Start setting each major informations like what will you do, how it works will be, the career path of each one ...
3- Try to learn the beginning of it since you have time to investigate.
4- try to select the most passionate major and the major that will return with the most benefit on you.

Thank u Basem Olwethu M.

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Eric’s Answer

Olwethu, deciding on a career can be intimidating and bring some anxiety due to the unknown. But, it can also be a very exhilarating and rewarding experience. In order to make the experience positive, I suggest that young individuals - who are in the process of leaving their parents' nest - explore the world around them and enjoy a variety of new experiences. In doing so, you will discover a lot about yourself and what your passions are as well as learning what things don't bring you excitement. Exploring can include a variety of new activities, such as camping / backpacking where you get to know how you respond to nature and how you function in a quiet environment mostly by yourself; joining a recreational sports league where you experience a new sport and can see how you interact with your peers in such an environment; or, learning a new hobby / craft / musical instrument. By exploring new things we can learn a lot about our passions. A career is something that you will likely do for most of your life, so enjoy the chance to discover both yourself and your place in the world. While you are exploring, you can try and find someone who can mentor you as you navigate this process. The mentor will hopefully be someone who knows you well enough to help guide you based on knowledge of your personality. The mentor could be a parent, a trusted adult from church or other community organization, a teacher or a supervisor at work. I hope all the best for you as you discover the many talents and passions that you have and decide on a career that best matches those talents and passions.

Thank u so much 😊 Olwethu M.

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Jennifer’s Answer

I was in a very similar position, I wanted to change careers but wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go in. I worked with an amazing job recruiter who helped me work through my past experience highs and lows and advised on an industry I knew nothing about. 16 years later I’m still here and very passionate about what I do. Be open to trying new areas, you might just find something you never knew was for you. Best of Luck!

Thank you Jennifer Aho Olwethu M.

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Sapham’s Answer

Hello, being curious is a beautiful thing. One can take many different assessments that provide clarity regarding career development, personality assessment, and academic progression. There is a wonderful tool that I will share with you called O*Net that contains a wealth of tips, tools, and resources that can help provide awareness regarding career outlook, career path direction, education, etc., I would highly recommend reviewing the link listed below and become familiar with the different attributes and perhaps you can find something that you are most interested.

O*Net Online: https://www.onetonline.org/

Thanks so much I will definitely check the link out Olwethu M.