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what are entry level jobs/ ways to get into game development

Asked Central City, Iowa

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Steve’s Answer

Updated Lehi, Utah

I am working for a software development company (Workfront) and my previous 2 jobs have been with software development firms (Adobe & VMware). Though I have not worked for a gaming firm like EA, Sony PlayStation, etc I know several people who have. First thing is spend time playing games (yes I told you to play games as research) on didn't platforms console, mobile and desktop. See if there is a platform you like best because each platform requires some different languages that would be used. Learn different coding languages php, react, Java, python, etc. so you have a broad skill set.

As for jobs it is harder to get started at a gaming studio because there are fewer companies so fewer entry level positions. Go get a Dev job anywhere and make yourself more appealing to a gaming company.

Vincent’s Answer

Updated San Jose, California

Do passion project and finish them. Create a portfolio and post them.