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What would biomedical engineer be doing daily if he or she specialized in biomechanics and biomaterials

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2 answers

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Stephanie’s Answer

Biomedical may be more than just laboratory testing and writing reports. I know of biomedical engineers functioning more as design engineers and manufacturing engineers. It really depends on what industry you are focusing on. I am part of the medical devices. I have been apart of some lab testing but my focus has been more on manufacturing.

Stephanie recommends the following next steps:

Join a co-op rotation or internship.
Focus on what industry interest you the most and research.

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Cathy’s Answer

-tHi Elijah G., there are several things a biomedical engineer could be doing daily. The first one that comes to mind is conducting tests in a lab by following the instructions given for the test. This includes collecting the supplies needed to perform the test, ensure the space where the test is to be conducted is prepared according to specifications and any other pre-test conditions that must be met. Also there can be post

Cathy recommends the following next steps:

You should look for an internship in a laboratory to get first hand experience doing such testing.