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Whats a typical day for you as in the types of things you do?

Asked Saint Petersburg, Florida

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Thulasi’s Answer

Updated Cary, North Carolina

As a Business ops manager , I like to be ahead (or at least keep myself current) of all things happening at work.

I catch up with my Work emails while having cofee. and categorize them as follows

  1. "To-Do" for the same day,
  2. Follow-up for future date,
  3. No-Action required (delete the email / Move to junk folder)

As i get ready to work i listen to news ( listen to news while driving to work) -- All the above happens before my typical work starts:

Typical Day (includes but not limited to)

  1. 40% of my day is occupied by meetings which i am leading or attending to provide my business input
  2. Rest of the time I am working on the To-Do's actions that I marked for myself i.e - Analysing data , creating powerpoint presentation to propose a business case, or studying for my certification ( Yes your career development is part of your job and work day), mentoring your colleague etc -- These are typical things i do day-to-day.
  3. Starting your day early is the KEY for success.