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what jobs have to do with design and fashion?

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2 answers

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Kimberly’s Answer

Hi Mariela!
One of my favorite things about working in the fashion & retail industry is how many different career options you have. Depending on your skillset & what you enjoy doing there is likely a role for you at a large retailer.

For example....
Do you like math & crunching numbers in school? You could be a great fit for a planning position where you would allocate how much inventory each store receives!

Do you like communicating with people, writing essays for English class in school, & always try to have the right thing to say? You could be a great fit in a marketing department helping tell the brand story for all customers!

Do you like art class and enjoy drawing, painting, etc? You could be a great fit in a creative role which could entail building out email and website campaigns or store signage for the company!

Do you like shopping & finding the perfect piece of clothing among the racks? You could be a great fit as a buyer which entails picking the clothing each season to be sold based off of the latest trends!

The options are really endless in this field.

Kimberly recommends the following next steps:

A great next step would be researching different positions and seeing what might interest you the most!

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Megan’s Answer

Pretty much anything in the realm or Fashion Design/ Merchandising. It's a broad spectrum. Research careers in Fashion Design and you should be able to see tons of career related, including Interior designing.