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What is it like to be a fashion designer

Im a junior and want to be a fashion designer cause i'm really into fashion and style. #clothes
#style #wardrobe #fashion-design

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2 answers

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Mauricio’s Answer

Hello Elaine,

As someone who's in the process of creating their own suit line I'd like to ask how much hours are you willing to put in on your garments? Have you specified what your target audience would be if you were to start designing? Have you researched the in's and out's of what it will take to be a designer? Something to take into account is to start devolping skills in sewing if you haven't already done so. Another misconception of being a designer is most individuals think throwing a design on a blank t-shirt, hoodie, etc is a brand. Note that cut and sew is true to the craft of being a designer.

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Veronica’s Answer

Hi Elaine,

I love your interest in Fashion Design! Being a fashion designer is amazing and also requires a lot of hard work. It is wonderful seeing someone walking down the street wearing your designs. It rewards all of the hard work I put into designing.

As a designer it is important to always know the new trends. I am constantly at the stores, reading articles and watching the new runway shows.

Being a designer is a collaborative process. From concept to production, it usually requires a team of people working towards the same goals. Learning to communicate your ideas is a huge skill.

Being a designer will require long hours, hard work and focus. When it gets hard your focus will remind you of why you are there.