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Veronica Morales

UX I Fashion Designer
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New York, New York
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Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Aug 13, 2023 546 views

Where do I start when building my portfolio for fashion design?

Most colleges I've looked into don't really provide anything specific. But I'd like to know the best way to ensure that my portfolio is going to be perfect!

Brianna’s Avatar
Brianna Aug 13, 2023 363 views

How can I better sketch mannequins when drawing clothing designs?

I can sketch dresses, skirts, shirts, and jackets but I want to be able to better draw my designs and be able to add flow easier

angel’s Avatar
angel May 08, 2023 1032 views

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a fashion deisgner?

Angel, age 19

Kevonni’s Avatar
Kevonni May 11, 2023 383 views

How and where can i get into the basics of fashion designing ?

I started watching videos on youtube , researching and writing notes , but i need a more hands on and visual way of learning.

Avery’s Avatar
Avery Feb 17, 2023 677 views

How do I get started in Fashion & Design

How do I get started working in fashion?

What are the pros and cons of working in fashion

Radhika’s Avatar
Radhika May 22, 2022 360 views

Actually I have finished my 10th and I want to be fashion Design . what should I do for this field.

I have no idea for this field how could I start

SRIVEDA’s Avatar
SRIVEDA Nov 07, 2021 838 views

how go to fashion designing after 10th ?

fashion desingning

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Oct 28, 2021 617 views

what are inspiration on creating new designs for a fashion designer?

I want to be a fashion designer for wedding dresses and quinceanera dress #fashion-design

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Oct 14, 2021 480 views

how did you become a fashion desighner

im 20 years old
I have autism

Koki’s Avatar
Koki Sep 28, 2021 462 views

What skill do I need to improve my designing skill

#designer #fashion-designer #fashion-design

kyla’s Avatar
kyla Oct 19, 2021 598 views

How do I become a fashion designer for like models or movies or just in general? I don't know how to start my career and get other people in the world to see my designs, how do I show my designs?

I love clothes and shoes and creating outfits in general and when I get older if acting doesn't work out for me I want to become a fashion designer. #fashion #design #fashion-design

Elaine’s Avatar
Elaine Nov 14, 2019 471 views

What is it like to be a fashion designer

Im a junior and want to be a fashion designer cause i'm really into fashion and style. #clothes
#style #wardrobe #fashion-design

Elaine’s Avatar
Elaine Nov 14, 2019 1003 views

What is it like to be in another country and design clothes

Im a junior and want to go to other countrys and do designing in many places. #asia #cultrelfashion