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Actually I have finished my 10th and I want to be fashion Design . what should I do for this field.

I have no idea for this field how could I start

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1 answer

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Veronica’s Answer

Hi Radhika,

Congratulations on finished 10th! Fashion design is an exciting field, always changing and super busy. I would start with the following:

1. Ask yourself which areas do you love designing? Is it evening wear, activewear or maybe its costumes. And let's say you don't have a preference, start sketching and researching the types of clothes you sketch. This way you can see what is in the market and what they offer.
2. After you decide and research your field, start developing your portfolio. For every job you will need a fashion design portfolio for the interviews. Sites like Pinterest will show you portfolio formats and how to group your designs. Never copy another designer but use it to learn how to create a portfolio. This step is hard but needed for any job. Remember you have your unique voice and its your first portfolio, you will constantly be changing and adjusting it. This is not set in stone, you can always change.
3. Also another way to gain experience and learn more about fashion design is by volunteering for fashion shows as a dresser or assistant. You will be front row for all of the chaos and magic.
3. After you are sure of the field, and you have your portfolio start with LinkedIn and start searching for assistant designer jobs. Fashion is hard to get in but not impossible.

Keep designing and sketching, post your work and network. Good luck!