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some of my hobbies include video games,drawing,and football what are some careers involving these hobbies?

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3 answers

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Shubhankar’s Answer

Hi. I suppose you need to think on what you like to do most out of the things you mentioned.

Let's talk about careers.

1. Drawing - If you like doing this there is a huge scope for you right from being a professional painter to being a graphics designer. Anything and everything that you see in games, movies , TV shows have a huge amount of graphics designing involved. With Virtual Reality and augmented reality there are a vast number of options.

2. Football : If you really like playing this game and are thinking about making it your profession, you need to work hard and follow the university or college team tryouts route.

3. Video games : Playing video games in itself is now a profession. You may enter contests, championships. You may also work as a tester testing the games. Combined with your drawing skills you may also be a graphics designer for the games

Having said all the above, the real question that you need to ask yourself is what would you love to do everyday. All the best !

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Archana’s Answer

You can seek career into software development , android app designing

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Andrika’s Answer

You can apply MultimediART, 3D visual, filmmaker, or graphic design school