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According To My Current Strengths and Weaknesses, Would I Be A Good Fit For A Carrareer in the Film Industry

Strengths: Good with social Media, Good with electronics, and Good at writing.

Weaknesses: Dislike young children, Hates standing in front of a room, Hates giving presentations, Not Organized, Easily put off task, bad speller, procrastination.

I desire to go into Film Editing.

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3 answers

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Brian’s Answer

Great reflections and question, Heather!

You would be amazed at how many people are not tuned in to what they're truly good at versus just ok or what we do that energizes us and we lose track of time doing versus put off, procrastinate or loath. The fact that you're already starting to identify those things is really impressive.

I don't have a background in the Film Industry specifically but can quickly think of many different jobs that make the industry - each with different demands. A director role for example requires you to be 'in front of' all sorts of people (even if from behind the camera) so that'd probably not be your most comfortable spot.

On the other hand, what you have expressed interest in, Editing, is something very different. With so much being done digitally, you can imagine that role has hours and hours of solitude - being alone at the computer doing the work. You'd likely still have to engage with small teams and talk with people - present versions/ideas/your editorial vision and check if meets the directors and producers vision, but that'd be a far cry from always being front and center.

I would encourage you to be attentive to the things you specifically feel disorganized about and the things you put off and procrastinate. If that is a universal behavior regardless of what you are working on, then you'll want to look for hacks, tricks, or methods that work for you - those are pretty fundamental to most any aspect of work and life. On the other hand, if you seem to be selective on what you procrastinate or feel disorganized on, that's telling you something you should pay attention to.

Brian recommends the following next steps:

Keep up the self reflection process! Start a journal if you haven't already - anytime you feel energized and lose track of time doing something - write down what that is. And if you catch your self feeling like things can wait until tomorrow or you are scrambling and disorganized and you clearly feel that - write down what that task or activity was. And be as specific as you can. Don't just say "Homework". For example, what if Math homework is a procrastination topic but an Art Project is something you jump on immediately and happily spend all night on. It's all homework, so be specific. In as little as a few weeks, you'll likely see patterns emerge that can further shape what you want to pursue.

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Swetha’s Answer

Weakness and strength change from time to time. What you actually want in your life matters and your determination matters. If you badly want to form a career in film industry, enjoy time in it and have a passion for it then you can change your weakness and improve your strengths.

A person changes from time to time so try find out where your heart lies and go after it. Mould your strengths as per your requirements. But just have that passion in you. Do not ever give up on what you want. Life will definitely give you what you want if you are hungry enough for it.

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Rekha’s Answer

Well, I am not part of film industry But can suggest you to be attentive, put efforts and anything you are interested in, go forward and learn about it. Whats the first step to get in, Whats the requirement and how would your interests match.

Mainly if you start initial step it should challenge you and you should enjoy that.