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name Feb 04, 2020 490 views

how do I become


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Brisa Oct 03, 2019 520 views

What degree should someone looking to pursue a career as a physical therapist earn and what is a typical day consist of in this career?

I am a college freshman interested in pursuing a career as a physical therapist and would like to know a little bit more about this career and its education requirements. #physical-therapist #physical-therapy

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Morgan Oct 03, 2019 823 views

What jobs are available in the field with psychology?

#psychology #child-psychology #clinical-psychology #career-path

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Jawanda Oct 03, 2019 473 views

Whats the Pros/Cons of being an RN?


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Aylin Aug 27, 2019 545 views

what advice can you give to someone who is considering to be a nursing assistant?

#Nursing #CNA

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Miguel Aug 29, 2019 487 views

Whats the most money an electricians can make in a year?

#money #Electrician #Skrilla

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Sara Jul 17, 2019 601 views

What is the best website to use to learn PhD program rankings... I'd like to search for my area of study and be given ranked list of universities if possible.

#university #college-admissions #college #phd

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Kauan Jul 19, 2019 543 views

What I need to do to become a chiroprcator

I want to become o chiropractor but i don’t know the needs like years of school grades and exc. #college #nursing #medicine #doctor

claudia’s Avatar
claudia Jun 28, 2019 523 views

As an Occupational therapist, is it more fulfilling to work with the same patients over a long period of time or traveling to help patients everywhere?

#occupational-therapy #occupationaltherapyassistant #therapy

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zach May 17, 2019 529 views

What would you recommend i do this point to get to the point to get to this kind of field?

#HVAC #Business

joseph’s Avatar
joseph Jul 12, 2019 640 views

What are the requirements to get an entry-level job in the HVAC industry?

Also, what kind of jobs are there at the entry level? #HVAC #heating-cooling-air-conditioning

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Johnny Jul 11, 2019 516 views

what is the highest paid for painter

where is the best location to be at for the specific job. #business #career

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johnny Jul 02, 2019 443 views

how many certifications do you need to be a heating and cooling technician?

i am interested in heating and cooling #technology

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Kamylie Jul 11, 2019 585 views

what does it take to become a surgical tech?

how many years of school does it take? what do I need to get there #technology #medicine #doctor

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Ryan May 15, 2019 491 views

Which city has the best pay for certified nursing?

#nursing #salary