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Jacklyn H. Apr 11, 2018 276 views

Any business advice for a young entrepreneur who wants to open their own record label?

I want to start up my own record label and be successful in the music industry, how would I go about such an idea? #music-production #music-business #anything-related-to-music-business...


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tanner G. Mar 27, 2019 162 views
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crystal B. Apr 10, 2019 247 views
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Quan B. Apr 10, 2019 421 views

how can i make easy money?

im 13 years old i dont know what to do when i grow up. im still deciding on what to do for my future career. theres plenty of thing to become but i dont know what to be. i need ideas on what should i become. bealive it or not im actually good at mudding drywall but i dont want to be a...

#job #career-counseling #career #business

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Sera S. Apr 16, 2019 104 views

How much debt should I expect if I want to be a veterinarian

I plan on going to community college for two years, and then transfer to a state university in...

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Zaria S. Apr 16, 2019 126 views

im intrested in dental hygene how much do they make a month and year

i just wanted to do this after high school and would like to know if this job would have a good...

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madelyn M. Apr 16, 2019 115 views

How many years of schooling Physical Therapy

How many years of schooling does it take to be a Sports Physical Therapist and how much money does this carrer...

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Jalyicia S. Apr 17, 2019 97 views

How much does an Phlebomoiest make in a year?

I just want to know how much money they make year around....


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Heather M. Apr 17, 2019 109 views

According To My Current Strengths and Weaknesses, Would I Be A Good Fit For A Carrareer in the Film Industry

Strengths: Good with social Media, Good with electronics, and Good at writing. Weaknesses: Dislike young children, Hates standing in front of a room, Hates giving presentations, Not Organized, Easily put off task, bad speller, procrastination. I desire to go into Film Editing....


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Tara B. May 03, 2019 118 views
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