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Whats the Pros/Cons of being an RN?

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2 answers

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Heather’s Answer

Pros: 1. You make a difference in people's lives everyday. 2. There are unlimited jobs and specialties you can do as a nurse - if you don't like one area, you can move around to different units or specialties until you find what you like! 3. Job security - you will always be able to find a job.

Cons: 1. For most RN jobs, you start out on night shift. 2. Sometimes it feels like all you do is work! 3. You may experience emotional distress at times when patients don't get better or pass away.

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Brian’s Answer

Hi Jawanda! It will be interesting to see what others have to share by way of personal experiences working as a Registered Nurse or in the medical field. I am not an RN, nor do I work in the field but I wanted to share a great overview resource of the profession that may help give you some perspective and insight.

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Check out the US News and World Report write on on the Registered Nurse career: