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Whats a good school for a me to be a soccer player

Did professionals need to have a good grade in school. #soccer

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2 answers

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Iman’s Answer

I think you could be a great soccer player at any university! Depending on how determined you are, you could look into schools that are division 1, but that is an enormous commitment. I personally played at a D3 college and felt like I learned a lot of great time management skills, team skills, and leadership skills. You could also play intramurals at most schools - which are such a great time and don't require such a large time commitment because they typically do not require practices and extra sessions.

All in all, I think you can be a soccer star at any school you go to!

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Jordan’s Answer

You can go to any school for you to be one! Just keep doing what your doing and always do your best! :)